Richard Joseph Force

July 30, 1960 - November 20, 2012
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Monday 11/26, 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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Monday 11/26, 1:00 pm

Richard Joseph Force, 52, of Elkton, MD, passed away suddenly at his home November 20, 2012. Born in Philadelphia, PA on July 30, 1960, Richard was the son of Kenneth and Donna Kammer. He was a 1978 graduate of North East High School and a member of Pipefitters Local 74. He was an avid boater,Continue Reading

Donna Walker left a message on November 19, 2019:
You are missed and loved.
Linda Tharp left a message on January 25, 2017:
Well Ric, as I'm sure you know by now, John has come to be with all of you last Thursday. I know you are taking care of him and helping with his journey. This brings us comfort in this time of extreme sorrow. Please send me a sign that he is ok. I love you all always and forever and my heart is broken in so many pieces. Elijah came immediately to be with us. He is such a good, nice young man. I love you, please wrap your arms around my John, my love. Thank you for being there for me, for us, once again.
Linda Tharp left a message on November 20, 2016:
Today makes 4 years but sometimes it feels like it's been forever since we were together. I miss you so much and wish you were here. Life has changed so much and I wish we could go back. I wish I could see you smile again. I'm glad your pain has ceased and I hope you are happy. I'm sure you are keeping everyone entertained. We just wish we had you here with Elijah and the rest of us. Hugs and kisses and til I see you again...
Donna Walker left a message on November 19, 2016:
You never know what you have until you lose it. Missing my brother and the rest of my family.
Linda Tharp left a message on July 30, 2016:
Happy Birthday Rich. We love you and we miss you so much. We pray that you are at peace and watching over us. Elijah was here with us last week and we had a nice time. He is so getting tall and he is growing up so nice. He's making the Honor Roll, you would be so proud. Please give our love to everyone until we see each other again hugs and kisses!
Peace of mind is a call away. We’re here when you need us most.
Linda Tharp left a message on June 19, 2016:
Hello Rich, Happy Father's Day! We miss you so much. Elijah is growing up so quickly. He is so mature compared to just last year, you would be so proud. We will have him in a couple weeks and we are excited. Please know he is being taken care of and loved. Hug everyone for us. We love you!
Linda Tharp left a message on November 20, 2015:
Today makes the 3 year mark my dear. It doesn't get any easier, I miss you every day. Elijah is coming for Thanksgiving weekend. We love having him, he is so cute, so intelligent and so much like you. It's like having you for a few days when we see him. He is growing up nicely, I'm sure you are proud. Please keep watching over us. I need you now, again. I love you honey, rest peacefully. Give everyone a big hug please. Love you always,
Linda Tharp left a message on November 3, 2015:
Hey lil brother I need your help once again..please look over me and keep me safe from this disease. I love you and miss you. Please have all of our relatives pray for me ok!
Linda left a message on July 30, 2015:
Happy Birthday Rich. God I miss you so much. The smallest things make me think of you. I know you are with us and you are protecting me. I love you and miss you. Give everyone a hug and kiss for me. Happy Birthday lil brother. XOXOXO
Linda left a message on June 21, 2015:
Leave a condolence or a memory.Happy Father's Day Rich. We have Elijah here with us today and he is growing into a fine young man. We are proud of him as we know you are and we will look after him and be there for him as he grows and matures. I miss you but I know you are with me, protecting me and you have no idea how much I appreciate it. I love you little brother, please visit me again soon. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!
Linda left a message on February 7, 2015:
Hi Rich, I really believe it is you I have to thank. Please continue to look after me and please ask Mom Mom for those powerful prayers of hers. Wish Pop a Happy Birthday from all of us too! Love you all.
Linda Tharp left a message on November 20, 2014:
Hi Rich, i cant believe it has been 2 years. Sometimes it feels like forever since I've seen you....and other days, days like today, it feels like just yesterday. We miss you and love you. Elijah is coming to stay with us for Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Please keep watching over all of us and please come "visit" me again. Thanks for the kiss i missed and needed that so much. Love you lil brother!
Linda left a message on August 29, 2014:
I love you lil brother. Thanks for the hug last night, i really needed it. Today is the one year anniversary for Dad and I miss you both so much. I am trying to mend our broken family. Plrase come through on October 10. It would help Mom and do the rest of us a world of good....please, please. Still nagging. Lol. Love you so much!
Donna Craig left a message on July 31, 2014:
Missing my brother on his birthday. Too many losses.
Linda left a message on July 30, 2014:
Happy Birthday Rich! I miss you so much you wouldn't believe. I know Mom is having a hard time this week and I know you are looking over her. I hope that you, Pop and Mom Mom are watching over all of us. We miss you all. I love you!
Linda left a message on June 15, 2014:
Wishing you a Happy Father's Day Rich. I miss you every day. Elijah is doing well. We will be bringing him to our new home as often as possible and I think he will like it there. I hope you are happy with how things are going. Everyone is trying to do their best. Love you, miss you!
Linda Tharp left a message on November 20, 2013:
Well Rich, it has been a year ago today and yet it feels just a short time ago. We miss you, and love you so much. We are glad you are in a better place with no illness and no pain. You are not alone either. When we lost Mom Mom and then Dad it was so hard, still is so hard without all of you. I am glad that you all have each other. I am envisioning a big pinochle game going on. They would have to teach you though because you never wanted to learn. Love, hugs and kisses to you and please give Mom Mom and Dad a big kiss too. Oh and if you see Powder please take care of him for me. Tell him Mommy loves him, although I know he knows. Please watch over Mom because she is having a hard time with all that she has endured in this last year. Till we see each other again. Love from all.
Linda left a message on July 30, 2013:
Happy Birthday Rich. We love you and miss you. Please look after Mom today, sh is hsving a rough time of it.
Linda left a message on June 16, 2013:
Linda left a message on March 4, 2013:
Rich, I heard a song today that made me think of you. It is called "I drive your truck" and is about a brother missing his brother and when the missing gets too intense he goes out and drives his brother's truck. The words reflected my feelings so much. Now Mom Mom has gone to join you and I am relieved you were there to help her cross over. I love you both and pray you are at peace. Love and prayers from all of us.
Peace of mind is a call away. We’re here when you need us most.
Linda left a message on January 21, 2013:
Well Rich, much to John's dismay, the Ravens are going to the Superbowl. Lol. He said that if you were here he would never here the end of it. How he would love to be tormented unmercifully by you now..! I think he will secretly route for them...just for you. We all love you and miss you Rich.
Linda left a message on December 26, 2012:
I am thinking of during this holiday season, missing you, remembering our childhood Christmas's. Mom told us we could only get into our stockings until everyone else woke up. It wasn't our fault we were too excited to sleep past 5:00 am. I miss our happy times growing up, and then raising our own children and watching them when they are excited to open their presents. Elijah reminded me of you yesterday, he shook my gift and said "legos" lol chip off the old block. We will care for him, love him, and never let him down so you dont have to worry. I love you Rich.
claire phillips left a message on November 29, 2012:
i was thinking of richard today.years back he asked us if we wanted to go for a ride on his speed boat. only if he promised to take it easy,known to be speed demon on water. O my gosh i was so scared never felt hat kind of speed before,after the ride his comment was that wasnt so bad now,was it? always a wise guy but in a very endearing way .rest in peace richard
Rich's Family left a message on November 27, 2012:
Despite his gruff exterior, Rich was one of the most sensitive individuals we have ever known. He would offer help to anyone in need, give the shirt right off his back. Rich hated that he was an emotional person and tried extremely hard not to show that side. He was fiercely protective of his loved ones. We’d tease him because he once ran so fast it looked like his feet never touched the ground when he heard his little niece screaming for help when she had fallen into the river. He was her hero! And this was not the first time his protective instinct came into effect. His sister Donna recalls a childhood incident when she was in a neighbor’s pool where she began to panic and go under. Rich never hesitated and immediately jumped in to save her. He was the type of guy who never wanted anyone to make a fuss over him or brag about his accomplishments. His proudest moment was when he became a father. It changed his life. As a small child, he was such a little bugger, often making his mother chase him around the dining room table. At family gatherings, he was shy and would stand behind his sister's chair trying not to be noticed. Although he never liked big crowds, as he aged his shyness was replaced by a humorous sarcasm. He had a healthy appetite, especially when Aunt Helen made his favorite, her famous carrot cake. We were lucky if he left any for the rest of us. He enjoyed boating, four wheeling and shooting with his son, Elijah. He loved to play football on Thanksgiving with all our boys, big and small. He was notorious for creating playful nicknames for you or to harass you for your choice in football team. And let’s not forget his special knack for deciphering just what you had bought him for Christmas, shaking and feeling the package for just the right answer. He was correct way too often. Our time with Rich was almost cut short thirty years ago when he was in a tragic accident. Thankfully with his will to live and our prayers answered, he made a swift recovery and we were able to have him in our lives that much longer. We thank God for all of the time we did have with Rich and will miss him beyond words. He loved us all dearly and was loved unconditionally.
Donna Dellinger left a message on November 27, 2012:
Dear Donna and Family, I cannot think of anything more devastating than the loss of a child. May all of your memories be good ones soorktx, that you can move forward with this loss. Prayers and heartfelt wishes. Love Donna Dellinger
claire phillips left a message on November 25, 2012:
I am thinking of my cousins this morning. My thoughts are with you today and always.I hope in time you can find peace in your hearts and remember all the good times you had with richie,Elijah will be such a confort and peace for all of you.I love you all Donna, Please take some time for yourself.I wish i can take some of your sorrow you claire
Linda left a message on November 25, 2012:
My brother, my friend, I miss you so. This has been such a shock and my heart is broken. My only comforting thought is that you are no longer sick and in pain. I love you so much and want you to know that this is not goodbye. This is just "See you later". Until we are together again I am sending you all my love.
Anthony Keiper left a message on November 23, 2012:
Richie will be truly missed. Loved boating and full of life. Great son, brother and father.Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you on this time of need. Stay strong in this difficult time. We know you will watch over alijah.
Sheryl Anyzek left a message on November 23, 2012:
My deepest sympathy for the loss of your son, brother, father and friend. May the Lord comfort you at this most difficult time. May your memories help ease the pain. You are all in my thoughts and prayers... Sheryl Anyzek
Peeling Family left a message on November 22, 2012:
We were all saddened at the passing of our neighbour. He was a nice and caring man, and helpful to his community. Rest in Peace. Thoughts and prayers to his entire family.
Debbi Russell left a message on November 22, 2012:
Eli, We are so sorry to hear of the loss of your Father!! Your Dad was such a kind, caring, funny man that loved life and making others happy! But most of all, he loved you, Elijah!! We all knew that you were the most important thing in his life!! I know the hurt and sadness you feel right now seems overwhelming, but only time and God can help ease your pain!! We are here for you now and always!! In deepest sympathy and love, Ms. Russell & Cody Russell
Rick Osowski & Family left a message on November 22, 2012:
Rest in Peace, Rich. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. You'll be missed, neighbor.
George Keiper left a message on November 22, 2012:
I'm so sad to hear this news.Richie was always like a small force of nature and some of the most fun I had in my youth was with him.I've missed him,and the rest of his family over all these years.My Aunt and Uncle,Cousins,and Richie's loved ones that I haven't had the chance to meet like Elijah are in my thoughts.
claire phillips left a message on November 21, 2012:
My love and thoughts are with all my cousins today. donna,there are no words i can give you to take your sadness away,i love you and will see on monday love, claire
Kim Philhower left a message on November 21, 2012:
Tho I'd only met Richie a few times, he was a bold personality and his prescence was known when he entered a room.. Prayers go out to his family, may he Rest in Peace.
Yvonne Scott Phillips left a message on November 21, 2012:
We are so sorry and saddened to hear of your loss.
RT Foard left a message:
Please accept our deepest condolences for your family's loss.
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