Kathryn I. Lutz

July 8, 1930 - October 17, 2016
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Newark Serior Center
200 Whitechapel Drive
Newark, DE 19713
Monday 11/7, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Kathryn I. Lutz, 86, of Newark, DE, passed away peacefully on October 17, 2016 at Millcroft Nursing Home, where she had resided since April. Born on July 8, 1930 in Chicago, IL, she was the daughter of the late Leonhard and Erna (Schnieder) Lutz. Kay graduated from University of Wisconsin in June of 1952 withContinue Reading

Lisa McGann left a message on September 13, 2017:
Just learning of Kay's passing...
We had the good fortune to buy our first home across the street from Kay.
She was the first and best neighbor we ever had! She was there when we brought our first child Mollie home.
Mollie was adopted and the big event was long anticipated.
Kay LOVED Mollie and she did the same in return.
Kay blessed me with her knowledge and my education in flower gardening which I still enjoy.
She had lovely conversations with my husband and I who shared her views.
We remember Fergie and her previous dog, though his name escapes me.
We enjoyed getting snowed in with Kay...always checking on each other.
We lived in the corner for 7 years and moved back home to Maryland but always came by to drop in for a chat whenever we were back in town.
Feel very blessed to have known this wonderful woman and grateful to be able to read all these stories about Kay!
She will always inspire me to live a big outloud joyful inquisitive life!
Peace and blessings to her family!
Lisa , Pat and Mollie McGann
Barb Lutz left a message on November 28, 2016:
Kay was at school in Wisconsin. We met and I married her brother! Kay, while in school or teaching in Wisconsin, spent almost every vacation with us, wherever we lived. Our first daughter was named Kay (after Kay). Her hours with us turned into reading, first wooden blocks, balls and so on. Three years later along came Sue and more reading and checking grades from school, first family dinners out, first hamsters, etc. Then Nancy in 3 more years, and Kay's helping us raise our girls continued. Her visits continued until she left for Delaware (after her Colorado mountain trip). Then it became Kay and her dogs (after Pooch) and she bought her house. One day, Kay was driving to Iowa to visit, so we had the girls watching for Big Kay to drive up. Wow - here comes Big Kay on her bike!!!. She had ordered a bike from our Seats store, had it put together and drove it to our house. Soon they had a schedule worked out by Kay as to days to drive it. That was part of our great days knowing Kay. We visited her, as a family, while the girls were learning about the East. I have met some of you, probably as we always had coffee or something when we were there. She and her brother, Bud did love to sit at the table and argue - about anything and there halfway through the night, never agreeing on anything. It kept their brains in shape. Both were very intelligent. I will never forget her and what a wonderful friendship we had. Thank you, all of her friends. Barb Lutz (sister in law)
Kay Mitchell left a message on November 28, 2016:
Part I Greetings, friends of Kay Lutz. I think we all agree that the world has lost an exceptional woman. We are each better for having known her. You've probably heard the expression, "You can't choose your relatives." Maybe true, but if the opportunity ever arose, I would certainly again choose my aunt Kay Lutz. Imagine 3 little girls, normally quiet and polite, hollering at the top of our lungs when Big Kay arrived to visit, "Big Kay, Big Kay, stand on your head and take our your teeth!" (She had a dental bridge.) Big Kay taught us how to "go through the broom" and how to sing and play lummi sticks. We did rolls and cartwheels and headstands all over the living room and high jumps, long jumps and calisthenics all over the back yard. One time Big Kay arrived at our Iowa house from Delaware, riding a beautiful green bicycle, which she promptly gave us, along with instructions to make a written schedule of alternating days that Sue and I could ride it.(Nancy was still too young.) We learned sharing with our teeth gritted. Big Kay also introduces us to the Big World. She took us bowling at a real bowling alley and roller skating at a place where you wore skates with boots attached (and you didn't need a skate key. We learned about Polaroid cameras and to always handle a ball with our fingertips except in dodgeball where you throw it any which way and hit the other guy as hard as you can. And she was insistent that, to get ahead in the Real World, you had to use good grammar. So we practiced "I" before "E" except after "C" and "W" and "if" and "wish" take "were" until we could even correct our high school English teachers.
Sue Veal left a message on November 26, 2016:
Thank you so much for sharing your stories and memories here! I'm "Big Kay's" middle niece, living up in New Hampshire. I have so many good memories of our favorite aunt -- some similar to sister Nancy's - but many that were made later in our lives. I remember Big Kay as a role model, a successful woman who broke many barriers in her college years and beyond. She and I held similar political views, and we had many lively discussions of political races and candidates during my years living here in the "first in the nation primary state." Kay would always call to get the inside scoop on how all our candidates were faring, and she was delighted when I would report that I had seen many of the candidates in person.

Another thing I loved about Big Kay was that despite her strong opinions and independent nature, she was always interested in the ideas of others. She especially liked knowing what young people were thinking - - a trait that we don't always find in older people. I keep that model in mind every day when I interact with a diverse world at work.

I've also been so inspired by her activities and studies at the Senior Center. She took advantage of learning opportunities, and I'm sure had a good time being a student after having been a teacher for so many years.

I'm impressed and touched that her former co-workers and students have remember her. I believe our "Big Kay" had a big impact on the world around her. I will miss her, but I will continue to remember her and be inspired by her example.

Sue Lutz Veal, Rochester, NH
Nancy Roe left a message on November 7, 2016:
Thanks to all you friends who have written kind messages honoring our aunt, "Big Kay." You provide glimpses of a side we did not see much, living half a continent away. To me, Big Kay was the amazing aunt who drove 13 hours from Delaware to spend Christmas or part of a summer vacation with us. She was always up for some fun, whether it was taking me swimming, teaching me to sing harmony to Mitch Miller songs on LP, or teaching me "tumbling." The few trips we took to her house on Phillips Ave. were so fun--such beautiful flowers! She even made a trip to New Jersey once to meet my new daughter. She was a strong lady who made strong choices based on strong facts. I'm glad I never had any red inclinations politically. She would have been a formidable foe!! I raise my glass with you today.
Peace of mind is a call away. We’re here when you need us most.
Kathy Powers left a message on October 27, 2016:
Miss Lutz will be missed here at Millcroft! Always great conversations with her, she loved assisting other residents & her independent ways were a great example to us all!
Douglas Hill left a message on October 26, 2016:
Kay was frequently in the Newark High faculty room before the school day began. I began teaching there in the '68-69 school year and we became friends while discussing social and political issues during the next six years. I remember her spirited but respectful discussions with colleagues who had different, and more conservative views. Kay seldom kept anyone guessing about her point of view. She was warm-hearted, interesting, and I thoroughly enjoyed her company. And as a young 21 year-old teacher, I'm know I benefited from her examples of dedication to teaching and helping others. To her family and lifetime friends, my sincere condolences.
"little kay" (Lutz) Mitchell left a message on October 25, 2016:
Friends of Kay Lutz, thanks to every one of you for your kind (and hilarious) thoughts and comments about her. Although she had a few of us relatives, you were truly her "family." It's obvious from this Guestbook that when we all think of Kay, we think of "a life well-lived." She was a character and a gem. Thank you for your many lifelong friendships. She left us with great memories to fill the rest of our lives.
Barbara Jo Apichella left a message on October 25, 2016:
When I was a new teacher, Kay was a help to me during that first, chaotic year at Newark High. We remained friends until her passing. We had many discussions over dinners out. Eating out and debating were two of her favorite things to do. We often agreed to disagree, but the discussions were always lively. I posted her passing on Facebook; it was received by many compliments from many students. She made quite an impression during her years in the classroom and in the gym. She will be remembered by her colleagues and friends as a strong personality and an outspoken force for the rights of women and animals.
Michael Gamel-McCormick left a message on October 24, 2016:
We were Kay's "backdoor" neighbor for over 10 years. Her yard had a gate that entered our yard and we would often talk over the fence or join one another for an evening conversation. She was witty and generous and kind with just the right amount of flint. Most of all she was wonderfully supportive of our children. She will be dearly missed.
wayne hill left a message on October 24, 2016:
God Bless you left a legacy of providing wonderful teachings for many, many students at Newark High School. In addition, you left many happy memories of friendship for those with whom you worked: You will always be remembered by all of us. Sincerely, Wayne Hill, NHS
Carolyn Settle Monroe left a message on October 24, 2016:
I had Ms. Lutz as a Phys Ed teacher at NHS in the 60's. She was always a lady and teacher who was fair and balanced towards me...she motivated me to recognize my capabilities. I Loved and appreciated her. Never to be forgotten. Rest in heavenly peace, Ms. Lutz. Till we meet again; then, I will share with you my college basketball experience. ☺
Joy Malin Preston left a message on October 24, 2016:
Had Miss Lutz for My PE teacher for high school...I just loved her and she was always there if u needed someone to talk condolences....
Dorothy Gregory-Gerow left a message on October 24, 2016:
I met Kay when I was a new teacher at NHS in 1976. She was one of the strong members of the faculty and a personal friend. She will be remembered as a positive role model, a supporter of women's issues and a champion of animal rights.
Bruce Bonner left a message on October 24, 2016:
Sad to hear of Ms. Lutz's death but so happy to have been a part of her life. A wonderful teacher who went the extra mile to help students at Newark High School and a great neighbor of Newark Center for Creative Learning with whom she shared a back yard on Phillips Avenue. She will be missed, class of '81
Linda Dancy left a message on October 23, 2016:
Miss Lutz was one of my special teachers because she made my strengths clear to me and to others when doing so was appropriate. As one who later became a teacher, I appreciate her dedication. I remember the day we were doing long jumps. She told me I had broken the state record. Did I ever feel special.
-Linda Caldwell Dancy
Diane Durr Roberts left a message on October 23, 2016:
Kay Lutz was my gym teacher through all 4 years of my Newark High School experience. She was firm but fair!! I had the gift of being able to talk to her again about 8 or 9 years ago. I work for a cleaning service and we cleaned for her on a regular basis. I was able to talk to her at length and it was so cool to get to know her on a different level. What a wonderful woman!! Kay Lutz you will be missed. Diane Durr Roberts
Jean Williams left a message on October 23, 2016:
Kay was in the Women Investors of Newark club with me and then we both moved into Twin Lakes. I loved talking to her, and she liked to talk. I liked hearing the stories of her growing up in Chicago. Loved discussing politics, women's issues, public school and numerous other issues. She was a wonderful example of a person who kept in touch with all that was happening in the world even as she aged. She will be missed.
Jean Williams
Beth Twardus left a message on October 23, 2016:
In most weather emergencies when you are asked to "check on the elderly" it means to make sure they are ok, have heat, and aren't shoveling snow. When I checked on Kay it was to make sure she had enough bourbon to ride out the storm in!

Kay was a welcoming person who always took an interest in your education, your life and how you would impact others. In her mind it wasn't acceptable to keep your talents to yourself, and you had to look out for your fellow man. She was a proud woman who loved sharing her stories, and never forgot how lucky she was witness the advancements for women in the last part of the 20th century. She would often boast she was older than the ball point pen, remembered when a co-worker wore the first pant suit to teach in, and recognized a need for women to understand investments which lead to her co-founding the Women Investors of Newark.

Speaking of Newark, she was a staple. Always at the Crab Trap, Applebees, and scooting around in her red Saturn. When the YWCA was open she would be there every morning to swim, and work in the garden in the afternoon. Kay would attend City council meetings, speaking out about development and her concern of "retail on the bottom, and living up top in red brick buildings" which was never unnoticed.

With Kay's focus on local civics it is no surprise she was interested and involved in national politics as well. In short, she's been a Hillary Supporter since the beginning. Kay new that Hillary was going to run for President, even in the 90s when she had me read Hillary's biography. If you ever wanted to get Kay angry, just say you agree with a far right policy and you'd get an earful of facts, figures and a clear understanding of Kay's perspective

I'll always remember her in her garden showing me which flowers to cut, cover and spread mulch around. Not to mention her throwing water so her beloved Jack Russel Fergie would jump and catch the droplets. This was hours of enjoyment for both Kay and her pup.
Rebecca Bruno left a message on October 23, 2016:
Kay, a life well spent, she touched so many lives and always made them better. RIP
Peace of mind is a call away. We’re here when you need us most.
Alan Ovenden left a message on October 22, 2016:
Kay will remain in my memory, always: a kind and wise friend in spite of the separation of time and miles; thoughtful but light-hearted, she teased me about taking life too seriously, which was sound advice. God bless you, Kay.
RT Foard left a message:
Please accept our deepest condolences for your family's loss.
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