Dr. Edward Ernest Schweizer

December 7, 1928 - May 18, 2014
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Edward Ernest Schweizer, PhD, Emeritus Professor of Chemistry at the University of Delaware, rowed off into the theater in the sky to his final lecture on May 18, 2014. Schweizer was born in 1928 in Shanghai, China where his Swiss father was in the silk exporting business. His mother was a third generation British residentContinue Reading

Alvina left a message on July 29, 2015:
Remembering you.. Miss you so...
Alvina left a message on May 20, 2015:
Love remembers
Alvina left a message on May 17, 2015:
Missing your sweet spirit, remembering your love always, Alvina
Chris Delpeche left a message on February 23, 2015:
Mr. And Mrs Schweizer has purchased a few hybrid vehicles over the years. One defining experience with Mr Schweizer was when the lift back Prius had to be ordered. He ordered one, and waited 3 months or so for it to arrive. His Prius came in when he was ready to go on vacation. He allowed our dealership Newark ToyotaWorld the opprtunity to keep the Prius so we had one to test drive, until they came back from vacation. He was a wonderful person and authentically generous.
Mahendra Jain left a message on July 11, 2014:
I felt at home with Ed sever since I cam for the job interview at UD in 1973.. He was on the search committee. Right from that moment he offered me pieces of invaluable advise balancing research, teaching and service functions. Of course his main message was Preserve and develop your identity as a person and whatever else you do.. I will always cherish dinners and idle talks with Ed interrupt with moments of great insights..
Peace of mind is a call away. We’re here when you need us most.
Julie Laskaris left a message on July 11, 2014:
I just learned of Ed's death. My sympathies to Joy and the family. I remember Ed so vividly from anti-war activist days. He was such a stalwart. What a rich and fascinating life he had - a real inspiration.
Alexine Cloonan left a message on June 10, 2014:
My favorite image of Edward is of him walking through our backyard gate with a big grin, straw hat, print shirt, and an uplifted bottle of champagne, ready to celebrate his, and our, good fortune. I have to smile when I think of him.
Gail McCarthy left a message on May 28, 2014:
Ed's belief that the world could be better and his efforts is still inspiring. And boy, could his eyes twinkle! Thank you and love
Paris Peet left a message on May 24, 2014:
I just read Edward's obituary and want to extend my condolences and appreciation to Joy, Elizabeth and the entire family. My memories of Edward always include champagne at the kitchen table. That is the way I shall remember him, too....full of laughter and hospitality. God Bless and hugs, Paris
Bob Penneys left a message on May 24, 2014:
Ed was a dear friend to my wife and her family and friends for many many years. He was part of the unchanging circle of closest friends of my mother in law Roz du Pont, her late husband Bernie Felch and their nearest and dearest. I myself only saw him a couple of times a year but certainly had fun pulling his chain and vice versa. I didn't know until just the last week or so that he had been so ill. He and Joy had just contributed to a book of Bernie's life work that we are knee deep in and we had spoken with him in that context. We are really gonna miss him. We're happy that Joy is around close by. Thanks, Ed, for all you were and all you did. Bob, Maria and family
leni markell left a message on May 23, 2014:
just want to send sincere condolences- I know that he will be missed by Joy, children, university community and other friends A big loss to the community leni markell
Ron Cohen left a message on May 23, 2014:
I was @ UD during the bombing of Cambodia. We (my friends) did not have Dr. Schweizer but he certainly gained our respect for his views & how he didn't really back down to the administration. My condolences to your family.
John L. Burmeister left a message on May 22, 2014:
When I joined the faculty of the Department of Chemistry a half-century ago, Ed was one of the dozen colleagues who welcomed me into their midst. All had one feature in common besides their general field of interest: they were true CHARACTERS - American originals! Now, only three remain (Bob Wood, Don Dennis, and Conrad Trumbore). To describe Ed as complex would be a gross understatement. As Dana has already pointed out, to his students, Ed was gruff (even harsh) and uncompromising, with high standards. He and Milt Stetson, in Biology, were the pre-med gatekeepers for decades. Ed seemed to thrive on his demanding reputation. For example, when the caricature on the Chrysler water tower was painted, as described in his OB, Ed loved it, and wished that it would remain! At the same time, he was a delightful, stimulating colleague. It was he who first gave me the idea of investigating the coordination chemistry of phosphonium, arsonium, and sulfonium ylids, and he co-authored our first paper on the subject (Syn. Inorg. Metal-org. Chem., 3, 339-358 (1973)). He, along with his first wife, Karen, were worthy adversaries on the golf course. He and Joy hosted many delightful dinner parties at their home. As the OB indicates, he believed in, and fought for, high principles. Indeed, in many ways, he was a true Renaissance Man. I was privileged to know him.
alvina left a message on May 22, 2014:
Peace be with you...
Dana Chatellier left a message on May 22, 2014:
If I had one wish concerning Ed, it would be that the students of UD had known the Ed Schweizer that I knew. He was legendary among the students who took his Organic Chemistry classes (many of whom were aspiring physicians and other health-care providers) for his gruff, intimidating demeanor towards them. More than one student, upon completing his final exam, would let loose with a primal scream shortly after exiting the examination room. Ed would just smile, because he knew that he had done his job. (Quoting Ed: "It wouldn't be Christmas without it!") But the Ed Schweizer I knew as a friend and colleague during our days of teaching the pre-med organic class together was a warm and compassionate human being who cared passionately about the welfare of family and friends, as well as any of the "causes celebre" that he championed. I enjoyed his hospitality (and Joy's cooking!) when we would have "grading parties" when I was his teaching assistant, and when we would discuss the grades we were about to submit when we were colleagues. Whenever I can, I try to do the same for my current teaching assistants. Ed was a complex and fascinating man, and a good friend and colleague. I shall miss his warmth and good humor. The world is a poorer place following his ascension to the next life.
Cecil Dybowski left a message on May 22, 2014:
An interesting character, Ed taught me, as a young faculty member, many things about education, about joy, and about the world round about us. He was a jolly person in many ways, although some students may have thought him gruff. As one person said, he was really a teddy bear.
RT Foard left a message:
Please accept our deepest condolences for your family's loss.
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