Traditional Burial

Traditional Burial Options

R.T. Foard will help you find the perfect resting place for your loved one. We offer a large selection of caskets and vaults in various price ranges, and we regularly work with all cemeteries in our area. We can also help you arrange for a custom headstone, monument, or other grave marker.

Cremation Disposition Options

For those who prefer cremation, we can also help you make arrangements for a final resting place in a cemetery or memorial garden where loved ones may later visit. Or, if you choose an alternative such as scattering the cremated remains in a memorial garden or a location that has a special meaning, we can help you and your family navigate the laws and regulations in our area. No matter what level of service you’d like to receive, our dedicated staff is committed to providing guidance and support.

We understand that each family has different needs. Let us help you discover what is right for you.