Scott Bowler

Funeral Director & Advanced Funeral Planner

Scott was born and raised in the state of California. He most recently resided in Snowflake, Arizona, where he worked as a licensed Funeral Director. Before entering the funeral profession, he worked as a cabinet maker and general contractor. After my mother passed away after a long battle to cancer, I realized that funeral directing was something I wished to pursue. The fact that in her final hours, she was surrounded by those she loved, impacted me deeply and I knew that I wanted to help others during such a difficult time. Serving families is a calling that gives me tremendous satisfaction, says Scott.

Scott has an Associates Degree in Mortuary Science from Mesa Community College where he graduated with honors. He and his wife, Amy, have been married for 25 years. They are the proud parents of five sons and have three daughters-in-law and three grandchildren who are the lights of their lives. Scott has been involved in the Boy Scouts of America for over 30 years and is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for whom he served a two-year mission.

Scott is a licensed Funeral Director in Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. His role as an Advanced Funeral Planner will provide individuals with peace of mind by enabling them to make personal decisions about how they wish their final arrangements to occur. Knowing that your decisions will ease the burden on your loved ones after you pass away is a tremendous gift, says Scott. I am pleased to be able to assist them in this process.