Kelly Tibbs

Funeral Assistant & Transfer Specialist

Kelly K. Tibbs graduated from Perryville High School in 2001, shortly after graduation she earned her certified medicine technician license (CMT) at Cecil College. In 2009 she joined the Army as a transportation logistician. During her career in the military, she served two combat tours in Afghanistan. She returned back to her hometown in June of 2020 to peruse a career in mortuary science. Kelly plans on going back to school full time while working at R.T. Foard after her son is born in September. Her favorite part of her job in the military was training Soldiers.

Kelly enjoys the work she does at R.T. Foard and the best part of her job is seeing the family members smile again. In her spare time Kelly enjoys spending time with her family, her fiancé Cameron, and their two dogs Wiggles, and Mya. She is looking forward to a rewarding career in mortuary science and being a new mom.